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Main » 2008 » May » 22 » Rezultate finale SECŢIUNEA "ÎNVĂŢĂCEII"
7:25 PM
Locul I - Baiceanu Amalia - LT ,,Miron Costin”, Paşcani, jud. Iaşi (Prof. Carmen Pasat)
Locul II - Moraru Petronela - Şcoala Mînzăteşti, com. Ungheni (institutor Temes Andreea)
Locul II - Constantin Floredana - Şcoala „Nicolae Iorga” Paşcani, jud.Iaşi (Inst. Costiug Florentina)
Locul II - Caras Ion - Şcoala de Arte Plastice Făleşti, Filiala Sărata Veche (Prof. Ion Roman)
Locul III - Chioariu Alexandra - Şcoala Contesti, Iaşi (Prof. Altam Aurica)
Locul III - Costea Petrea - LT ,,Miron Costin”, Paşcani, jud. Iaşi (Prof. Carmen Pasat)
Locul III - Grigore Negoiţă - Şcoala de Arte Plastice Făleşti, Filiala Pruteni (Prof. Maria Negoiţă)
Nota bene: Toţi participanţii care nu se regăsesc în această nominalizare vor primi Diplomă de menţiune
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, use comomn sense: first time (second time, maybe third time) sex offenders are frequently plead to lower level crimes, enabling them to fly under the radar screen as far as detection and monitoring. Our society is making no attempt to differentiate between the 18 year old who has sex with a 14 year old who lied to him about her age (a not-uncomomn scenario; you'll find numbers of such cases reported in the courts) and the chronic serial pedophile. This isn't solving the problem. Its merely creating the appearance of solving the problem, for the benefit of politicians.If we want to alleviate pedophilia in our society, we have to start by understanding it, the people who commit it, what drives them, and whether it can be cured or controlled before it fully develops. Otherwise, we simply substitute a new group of offenders for the group we just put into prison for a long stretch (sortta like we do with drug selling, but that's a whole separate topic).

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